A Day in the Life


I got asked this by a friend of mine and I didn’t have an answer mostly cause I’m the lamest person I know, but I figured I’d write it out for those who are curious.

If I Work

I wake up at the crack of dawn, so 7:30 and spend a half hour getting ready and browsing social media, like I said, lame. From there, walking to work. It’s the closest thing I get to a workout since I’m the laziest person I know. From there, work for a few hours till I cave and go buy lunch although I really shouldn’t since I’m broke. Then, finish my shift and head home. Dinner is then cooked and then I write some words for my novel until I fall asleep.

If I Don’t Work

I wake up probably at 7:30 because work has ruined me. I spend way less time getting ready cause I don’t have to be presentable for customers. Then I see if I’ve made plans, because Google calendar is amazing. From there …

Did I Make Plans?

Apparently I did. Now I get to socialize with another human who isn’t trash! I’m actually excited! And then I milk that socialization for as long as I can because I love people who don’t suck. From there, home to game probably.

So I didn’t make plans huh? Guess I’m going to sit at home and game. Hopefully I remember to eat cause I’m dumb and get distracted easily. Or I’m going to spend the whole day trying to write as much of my book in one swift go as I can.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I take time to write something for my blog. It just so happens I work those days so I am low key but totally getting paid to blog. I’m super excited by that but don’t tell my bosses. (There’s a haha for ya.)

And yeah, that’s my life, through and through. I really don’t do much. Once in awhile I spice it up with wine, or tequila. Man that shit is my weakness.

Oh I forgot! Once a week I got play Magic the Gathering with a group of friends. Catch me on my Instagram to know when I’m playing that, cause honestly I never really know when I’m playing.

But yeah, that’s me. Thanks for reading! I love you all!
— Deryn

PS. Today I’m on the plane and headed to England. So there may be limited or even no posts on my normal schedule. Thanks <3

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