Happy Birthday Dad!


Today is my amazing fathers birthday. He’s forty-three today (yeah he’s young) and I will spend the whole day making fun of him for getting older. But I really wanted to tell him how much he matters to me.

Yeah I know I’m such a daddy’s girl, but my dad has been there for me my whole life. He was the only parent in my life and I treasure him more than I think he knows. He’s been with me from learning to walk to my first break up: from my first homework project to my first job interview. We’ve made time every birthday to celebrate each other and how much we care.

This year I wanted to surprise him with loads of gifts, however I planned my vacation at an odd time and don’t have the money to literally spoil him. Because of this, I wanted to make something to show my gratitude, as well as buy him a thing or two, but mostly this.

Dad, you’ve hit level forty-three in life, and that’s hilarious that we’re measuring it levels now. I know I haven’t seen all those years, but I am thrilled to see the rest. You’ve got a bald spot coming in on the back of your head and there is nothing you can do to hide it so stop trying. Thank you for being who you are even if that person is a five year old hiding in an adults body… I’m sorry I have to work today and can’t sit at home and watch TV with you, but I’m sure when my brother wakes up you’ll have a good laugh with him over whatever it is you’re watching before he goes to play his video games. Did you get some cake today? Cause if you didn’t I’m so going to buy one for you. Feel free to go to my house and steal Shadow for the day if you want. Or honestly just let yourself in and spend the day with him and my boyfriend. Just remember, today is about you. Not work, or bills, or none of that adult crap. Spend today being awesome, although that’s not hard for someone like you. I love you dad! Congrats on leveling up!

— Deryn

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