Thanksgiving was Amazing


A friend invited the boyfriend and I over for dinner so I had to, cause free food is best. Thanksgiving has always been a weird holiday for me, but I owe her for making this one fantastic.

There was a full turkey dinner made by hand, such as stuffing, vegetables all baked and such, and an apple crisp! I haven’t had a turkey dinner since my grandmother died a couple years ago, so at first I wasn’t going to go. Good thing I did though, we had a lot of fun. There were six of us total, and after all the food, a very, verbal game of monopoly.

Have you ever had homemade whip cream? Holy snap, that’s officially my favourite thing and I’m going to make it now! The food was so delicious, I can’t get over how good it was. I aspire to hold family and friend dinners like that in the future.

I also now know how to win like an absolute asshole at monopoly. There was also a table cloth that we could colour with so many different crayons. Dinner was so much fun!

The same with my trip to Vancouver and how I went with friends, this holiday was meant for me to celebrate with a group of friends who I can reminisce and tell stories with.

As cliche as it is, I wanted to say thanks. Stay warm this winter! And thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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