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So I had a wack ass dream the other night which gave me Bloodborne vibes. So I decided I wanted to play it again. I beat it a few months after it launched and I haven’t played it since. My god it’s hard. I love games like that but I suck at them. Since I’m attempting to play it again, I figure I should go for a different ending. So bare with me as I go over why I love this game! Because really, if you haven’t played it, you really should. Really. Like straight up. Legit. Totes dude. Yeeeeeeeeah. I’m sorry, I just put the game down for the night and it’s 2am. Guess who works tomorrow…

It’s So Pretty!
Like, damn. Those graphics are top notch. Even after a few years it’s still gorgeous! I just went and looked, it came out in 2015, so four years now! Even the insane amount of blood from killing enemies looks super well done. The dark caverns and immense light from particular creatures running around just looks stunning. That is a game that has aged well for sure!

Like, look at it!

It’s a Real Challenge!
I’m used to playing games like Sims and The Legend of Zelda, don’t get me wrong, Zelda can be tough but it’s all mind games. Bloodborne though, this game is so unforgiving. I find myself constantly getting angry by the fact I should have seen that coming.. Or that I never seem to hit the “heal” button fast enough. I’ve played the Dark Souls games before but something about this game just really stuck with me. I’ve definitely damaged a couple controllers through the playthroughs of this game.

Map Design
There’s this neat thing the game does where bits of the map all loop together. I’ve been playing games forever and you really notice when the map designer takes the time to add almost Easter eggs and short cuts all over is great.

It looks like a Movie!

It’s Been Four Years
Which means it’s a good price! And if you get lost, there are plenty of YouTube videos showing you where to go! Because I’m one of those people who gets lost easy and needs help. Good price though, honest. I grabbed my copy for like $10, since I’m broke, it’s great.

I Know I’m Rambling
But you really should at least watch a playthrough, or even if I start streaming, watch me play it and get frustrated! Actually that sounds great. It’s worth every dollar and every second. I promise. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

3 thoughts on “Gaming Update

  1. DaNamesX – I am not a professional writer or a professional gamer. I am person who enjoys doing both just enough to keep doing it everyday.
    DanamesX says:

    I recently finished my first playthrough back in April and it was an excellent time. Made me go out and buy the Dark Souls Trilogy and Sekiro when it first came out. Haven’t been able to finish any of those, but there is something so satisfying about Bloodborne’s combat and ascetics. Got the normal ending after beating Gehrman on my first try (full of adrenaline) because I did not know you had to consume the cords (I just had them in my inventory). Great game that I hope to one day revisit.

  2. DaNamesX – I am not a professional writer or a professional gamer. I am person who enjoys doing both just enough to keep doing it everyday.
    DanamesX says:

    Bloodborne was an amazing experience. Finished it for the first time earlier this year and made me start playing the other FromSoftware games. None of them have been as fun as Bloodborne to me yet but I’m going to push through them!

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