I Bought Some Neat Tech


I’m a tech nut sometimes and a huge fan of smart tech. I’m always on my cellphone and have the Google setup in my house. Two Google home minis sit at either end of my place, I have the Nest fire alarm in my hallway and she scares me all the time, but now I have some Samsung earbuds and damn! These are neat!
I bought these only yesterday but frig I haven’t stopped using them! So far my opinion is limited but I wanted to talk about some pros and cons I have about them.

My Headphones


They’re neat, I’m gonna start there. Growing up I never had the latest tech, I was always a generation or two or even five behind, so things like “truly wireless” and “touch pads” on my headphones are super cool! It took me maybe five seconds to figure out how to use the touch pad, and the convenience of the complete wireless aspect is life changing!
They’re comfy! My right ear is folded over and looks super odd, so finding comfortable headphones have been a struggle my whole life. Plus, I use music to both sleep and deal with anxiety, so being able to lay down and for them to both stay and not irritate my ears is super cool.


Volume. I really wish they could go just one notch louder than they do. I’m used to PC gaming headphones, which I understand go over the ear and are just larger in general, but it’s odd they aren’t even half as loud. Well they’re more like two thirds as loud, but still.
Bluetooth. You’d figure with the Samsung smart watch and “smart things” I’d be able to use my headphones and my Pokemon Go Plus Bracelet at the same time. I dunno, that might just be me.
Price. My god they’re expensive! $200? Really? Why? Mind you I’m pretty sure the Apple ones are that price too. But damn! That’s a months worth of groceries!

In Conclusion

Overall, I really enjoy these headphones. Now I wouldn’t say I’d spend the total price on them, ever, but I work in a tech store so my employee discount is why I got them at all. I’m definitely going to keep using them though. I’m such a nerd…

But Yeah
As always…
Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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