Apartment Hunting

With trying to sell my place, I really want to not have property problems for awhile so I’m looking at apartments. I found some just down the road that I’m going to take a look at and ask was too many questions.

First Place

It’s cute! I actually really enjoy the size and location of the building. But it’s a little too expensive. I don’t make enough to rent a place like that. And it’s only a one bedroom apartment. Already discouraged and I’m just starting.

Second Place

It’s a house, not an apartment. Which is ok I really don’t mind. I just don’t have anyone else who can take an extra room and some slack on the rent. Otherwise I could easily even own a place like that.

May have found a Roommate!

Ok, so if I go the house route I’ve got to look after I get back from England. Well either way I should wait, since this trip is expensive. Or do I go the apartment route? Frig I don’t know anymore.
Since I don’t want to deal with property I may just see if I can get a big apartment or condo even.
I’m going to keep looking either way. I’ll eventually find the perfect place, right?

So there are some things I didn’t know I needed?
Like a bathtub, and a full stove.
Laundry and a window for Shadow to look out of.
The space to host Magic the Gathering nights.
Room for computer setups.

After putting my lists together, I may need to look at a house. I’m excited for what the future has to offer though! So here’s to that! Anyway…

Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

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