Investing in a Camera


Blogging is more fun with pictures, at least in my opinion anyway. And because I’ve come to learn this, I would like to buy a camera and use my own photos for my blog. So far Pexels has been good to me, but I’d still like to do my own, ya know?

Imagine if I got pictures like…

… with a real camera! I’d sure feel like a real blogger with one anyway. If I had enough I would buy one before my England trip, but I won’t make it I don’t think.

This is the camera I was thinking on grabbing. After looking at a few, this one looks the best for me. But that’s my plane ticket, so I’m not grabbing one anytime soon. That camera is on my amazon wish list though, so I won’t forget it. Stay tuned for more “Deryn is broke and wants nice things” for there is more to come! Anyways…

Thanks for hanging out!
— Deryn

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