Home Renovations Suck


I’m a stressed ball of angst right now.
My current place is just breaking down around me. I fix a leak in the roof, a door literally falls off: I start rebuilding a floor, plumbing cracks and leaks. I feel like I’m getting nowhere. How do people do this for a living? I just want to keep writing stories. UGH!

Current List of Stuff to Fix
— Broken ceiling fan
— Broken door frame
— Leak in the roof
— Rebuilding a floor
— My sanity…

While I’m procrastinating actually fixing things, I’ve started a new short story. This “adulting” thing sucks ass. Figures crossed I don’t need a plumber again. Or any professional really.

Now I’m finding I have to manage what I’m buying. Do I need more toilet paper, or will we be out in time?
As you can tell, I’m a mess. I’d say pray for me but I’m not the religious type. I need a nap, and food. I always want food.

Best piece of advice I’ve ever had,
“One thing at a time”
My boyfriend tells me this every day. I get overwhelmed very easily so saying this to myself a few times in a row helps a lot. Anyways…

Thanks for putting up with me
— Deryn

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