I’ve Been Riding the Bus


My breaks in my car are pretty much gone, and I can’t afford to fix them so I bought a bunch of bus tickets. Riding the bus is a surreal experience. Sometimes everything is normal and no on stands out, and others, wow.

About a week ago, I sat down and all the seats around me where empty, I wasn’t even up at the front, and these two guys come and sit either side of me. Like, fuck off bud. So I said excuse me with my best British accent (I use it when I’m scared or super drunk) and sat farther forward around people. After I sat down, we had made it to the next stop and this old lady who told me she was visiting from Serbia sat next to me. She talked to me for almost an hour and it was honestly fun.

Had an incident where I was checking my blog to see how it’s doing and this person scoffed and said, I kid you not, “Oh, you’re one of those”. Excuse me? I turned up and looked at this person absolutely dumbfounded. I’m a bigger asshole was all I could think about right there. “At least I don’t feel the need to make people feel like trash for no reason” was the only response I could manage. Made the person next to me giggle.

The bus is such a bizarre environment, but I’m crazy so I’ll take it as a challenge. Other than the odd event, I’ve really been enjoying it. Walking and bussing everywhere has helped me a lot with my physical health. I’ve even been able to reconnect with some friends and finally start reading again! All in all it’s been fun! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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