My Current Situation


As of right now, it’s my boyfriend, myself, and my lovely cat Shadow. I’m totally lying about him being lovely, he’s an asshole and he know’s it. The three of us are living in a little mobile home and are doing pretty well considering. I’m currently working three jobs, (three is just my number huh?) and am always tired because of it. I’ve decided to take up blogging because I need a new way to deal with the things going on around me, and to make the memories I’m making last forever. I’m hoping to move out of the mobile by Halloween the latest and start looking at a house. I’d like something with room to grow food. I literally never put my phone down unless I’m asleep so if you ever have questions or anything, message me or send me a tweet! Once I start streaming I’ll start sharing my gaming experiences here too. That’s it from me today: I’m exhausted and overworked.

Thanks for reading.

— Deryn

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