The Internet is Dumb Sometimes


I’m on Pinterest way too much and am always reading those “30 day blog challenge” posts. I saw one on “your views on religion” and though, that can’t be a safe topic to discuss, especially on the internet. After I read a few more of those kinds of posts, I couldn’t help but think about it. I’m not crazy enough to talk about it the fresh into my blogging life, don’t worry.

Every morning I read our local new website and found a disgusting picture.

I live in BC, and this scares me. This shouldn’t be a thing. This is why I don’t drive anymore. I’m frustrated.

In other news, I want to die my hair again. I had purple hair for awhile and I miss kids asking me if I was a fairy or a witch. I want pastel pink this time, but it’s just so hard to maintain.

Did you hear about the Amazon? If not, go read about it now!

I apologize for this but I just really needed to ramble, ya know? The past couple weeks have been up and down emotionally and physically and I needed to vent that energy. No matter where I go on the internet, some bullshit crazy stuff is invading my sanity. I especially feel bad for the US. I’m sorry again I’m feeling better though. Anyways

Thanks for reading I guess?

— Deryn

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