Tuesday Tip!


I hate plastic. Like, haaaaaate plastic, so I was shopping for shampoo and conditioner the other day and found out I can buy them in bars! It works like soap but you lather your hair, and I find I use way less than I was before too. Although my favourite thing about them would be since they’re not “liquid” you can bring them on a flight. I travel enough now I can’t afford to keep buying the essentials everytime I land somewhere. I bought some from Lush but they’re not my favourite company so I need to find somewhere else to purchase them.

Sorry today’s post isn’t life changing. I’ve normally got posts prewritten so I can add a few details and carry on. Work is getting to me but I’m trying to be on top of this again. Keeping balance between multiple jobs and a personal life might end up being my next post even. If I remember.. Anyways …

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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