Another Vancouver Trip


Over BC Day long weekend, we have another concert to go to. This time around is Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. That’s awesome by itself! Like that’s a killer show! But it’s also pride week in Vancouver. Now, that is a dream Vancouver trip!

Day 1

Driving here was easier for sure! And just being here, spent most of it just wandering around a mall. Why are clothes so expensive!

The Show

Opening was Palaye Royale and holy shit there were awesome! Full of energy and getting the crowd hyped up, they did a great job!

Then came Manson. And holy damn that was an entrance! He came down on this dress looking platform thing, and everyone was so excited! His show was very standard though.

After him, Zombie. Now that opening, he hyped the crowd so much and it was consistent awesome! He came up the crowds, got us singing with him and cheering, and had so much more to his performance.

After the Show

My legs, throat and ears hurt, but it was AWESOME! I loved that show! Man was the skytrain beyond crowded and it was nuts!

Day 2

I’m exhausted, good thing the hotel has full breakfasts. I screamed too much last night and now my voice is shot. I’m really not wanting to do anything, so I think we’ll just head home. We didn’t get caught in anything pride related which was too bad, but we saw rainbows everywhere! I’ve bought a few things this time around, just some shirts. So yeah, probably just going to go home and sleep more. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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