I’m Playing Sims 4 Again


I am a HUGE fan of the Sims series and have played them all since about 2003. I remember well into my school years I’d skip classes to play the next expansion and saving up from bottle runs so I could afford them. When magic was first introduced, well now that was when I really got hooked. I spent hours of my day just making little people, getting them jobs and building their homes. They call it a “life simulator” but lets be real, it’s a “dream life simulator”. Even right now, I’m putting away money trying to save up to play the three most recent packs from the Sims 4. I haven’t played in so long, there’s a void in my heart and soul.

My boyfriends shiny new laptop plays video games really well. I’m surprised he hasn’t noticed I installed it. Regardless, I’m going to play a few hours tonight. Not often does a series stick with me as much as this one has. The diamond thing above a Sims head, which is called a plumbob by the way, is my next tattoo even. I just love The Sims so much.

When I first got into Tumblr, I discovered the custom content creators. That was an adventure. On three separate occasions I gave my computer viruses that my dad couldn’t fix. He got so mad every time, and tried to fight back with excuses like “but dad, I NEEDED that dress for my sim!” or sometimes I would lie “I didn’t do it this time!” I was such a bad kid now that I look back on it.

Speaking of looking back, there was a mod you could get for Sims 3 that let you go around killing other sims. (You can’t do that in the normal game.) And I was fresh into my horror movie craze. I would get all my sims together and make little stories for them, until the “murderer” showed up. I was a strange kid. Although I believe the modding community enabled me. (That’s a lie, I was odd.)

Something about these games has really stuck with me through my years and I wanted to share my love for it. If you want to play it, I would 100% recommend it. Or at least check it out on YouTube. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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