How To Self Care Like a Boss


So it’s Thursday and that means I’m back to work. Dealing with the public stresses me out beyond belief and sometimes you just need to scream ya know? Well instead of that, ’cause no one wants to hear me scream ever, I’ve learned how to relax and take some time for some needed self care. Now these are ways that I relax, and everyone is different so don’t feel pressured to “relax” the way other people do.

My first steps to unwinding are very particular. I struggle with just sitting in a tub, I feel like I’m being useless. So with that in mind, start with some candles. White, pink and red ones are my go to. If I’m wanting to drive creativity, swap the red for blue. From there, I decorate my bath tub with rose quartz, both because it’s a genuinely beautiful crystal, and it promotes self love. Put those around the candles and you start looking like a goddess on her day off! Now I know I said I don’t sit in the bathtub, but if the shower is running, that’s a whole other ball game right there.

After the decorating, I like to have a bathroom that smells nice. There’s a recipe I found on pinterest forever ago that had bath bombs but smaller that were meant to slowly release in a shower. I usually go for floral scents because a person can never have too many plants. Growing roses helps with the creating these shower disks too. Throw one of those bad boys in by the drain and you’re golden!

Now for the best part, getting in! I get lost sitting under the running water. If it wasn’t for the fact my water gets recycled I’d feel like a terrible person and wouldn’t do that as much.

After about a half hour I tend to feel physically lighter and a lot happier, which sometimes I really just need. Plus, I smell like roses after! There are other ways to unwind after a long day as well, but this is my go to when I’m heavy with stress. I’ve told a few friends of mine as well and they always thank me for the tips.

I’m thinking that next week I’ll share my other relaxation tips. If there’s anything you would recommend I add to my routine, feel free to comment! I read them all! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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