Headed to Vancouver!


Tonight I’m going to see Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators in Vancouver and I am so excited! I had the chance to see Guns N’ Roses a couple years back and I love Slash. When I had this opportunity, I couldn’t say no. It’s about a four hour drive to get there from where I am. This is going to be fun!

Coming with me is my boyfriend in my car, my dad and his girlfriend with my brother in the other car. This morning I’m packing snacks for the road, making a playlist and making sure my outfit is comfortable for the ride.

I have just the essentials pack just because I got a huge bonus from work and I want to buy stuff while I’m there.

I’ve also got my mint tin with my “get there safe” stuff. It’s witchy mind you but it still matters to me. Quartz and citrine with some herbs and a little candle are what I’ve got in it.

First stop is the hotel. Gotta get home base ready right? From there, shopping! And then finding somewhere to have a real dinner. Then off to the show!!

Then we got there.

The hotel wouldn’t let us show up earlier than 3pm. That was rough. Got to the mall fine though! Had a sandwich from this cute little place there. Now I want to find so cute clothes! And maybe some pain killers as I just got the worst cramp of my life. Finally moved on from the cramps and got some sushi and with my spoils from Victoria Secret Pink. Back to the hotel for some rest. After that, the show!

After the show

My head hurts I’m exhausted and my phone is dying so there goes my map. Awesome.

The next day

Yesterday was awesome! I really should have brought earplugs though. My ears are still ringing. Today is my vacation day though so I’m going to go have fun and by some stuff. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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