Top 5 Things That Would Make Anybody’s Day


Being a Tuesday, I’m working a long shift and I talk to hundreds of people in a day if it’s busy enough. Out of all the people I talk to, very few are polite let alone kind. Since I deal with it all the time, I figured I’d share my ideas for just a few small things you can do to make another person’s day a little brighter.

1) Starting with “Hello”

You’d be surprised, but I answer the phone for work and every conversation I have is always better when the person starts with “Hello”. It doesn’t seem like much, but that recognition that I’m also human surprisingly makes my day a little brighter. Ya know?

2) Would it Hurt Ya to Compliment?

Now I understand, there are people with anxiety and such, and I’m not saying go out of your way and talk to people, but if you see a sad little kid and you feel bad, compliment their outfit. Or if there’s someone wearing the most awesome band merch, don’t be afraid to say “nice shirt”. I’ve had the opportunity to see people’s days made from just a little interaction like that. Or if that person is shy and they blush, that’s the best feeling.

3) Please, There is ZERO Reason to be Rude

I don’t understand how people think that being a dick means I’ll do what they ask. And swearing, holy crap. Telling me off is a good way to get me to hang up or tell you to leave. I don’t have to put up with it. Especially being an employee, I can reserve my right to “refuse service” and tell you to leave. And when you leave, you can be guaranteed I’m going to laugh at you, unless you were actually awful. I’ve cried a few times from genuinely terrible people. Don’t be one of those people please.

4) Connect with Old Friends

Sometimes you get the opportunity to reconnect with that one person from high school who was actually cool and reminisce about all the shenanigans you two got up to. I love doing this! Recently I got back in touch with a friend from my childhood and we just kept talking and talking. I haven’t had that much fun just remembering school since I was actually attending it! Plus, if you add your favourite warm or cold drink, it becomes more homey.

5) Basic “Please” and “Thank You”

The amount of adults that really could use a lesson in their manners is absurd. I know toddlers who are more polite than at least half of the people I deal with. Although I am Canadian, so most people say “Sorry” a thousand times more than “please and thank you”. But still, it drives me nuts. It’s always the people who get mad at me for saying “no problem” instead of “you’re welcome” too. They’re the people who won’t be polite with me. It really drives me nuts.

So those are a few things you can do to brighten someone’s day. Nothing crazy, except maybe going to a coffee shop. These are all my personal opinions too, I promise this isn’t the one and only way. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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