Blogging is Weird


This blogging thing has been both difficult and a breeze. Finding the topics that may actually draw people in is proving to be really strenuous, but once I find the topic, or write about me, I can just go. It’s been fun to give an actual attempt to my new blog. Today I’m going to plan out and make a schedule in hopes I can do this more. Being able to keep up with writing between chapters of my first book and not let writers block beat me is my game plan.

I’m hoping to make a post at least twice a week. The first post of the week is going to be something trending at least hopefully. And the second one if more of an update on myself and habits or activities I’m doing. I may even post more cat pictures, but that’s because I love my boy so much.

Maybe once a month-ish I’ll post a bit of novel writing that I’ve done and see how y’all are liking it.

But yeah, that’s my plan so far. Plans do change though, so we’ll see. Anyway…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

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