Adult Store Adventures

Man, I really enjoy this job! As odd as it is selling sex toys and porn, it’s still a fun place to work. Most of the time people don’t suck either, which is great! I say that but the public is still the public.

My store has its windows black out, you know, for obvious reasons, or at least what I thought was obvious. This lady comes in, pissed. So of course I prepare for the worst, I’ve been working with people for ten years and they still surprise me. She’s upset she can’t look in my windows. Really? Well, by the product I sell, I kind of have to. I mean there’s dildos and sex dolls everywhere right? After looking at her super confused for at least five whole seconds, this lady glances around and the GETS MAD AGAIN but this time because of the product in here. I just sighed at sat back in my chair, but she got louder and walked right up to my counter.
“What kind of whore would sell product like this?!” was what set me off. I looked at her dead in the eye and replied, “who is dumb enough to walk into a building with a Womanizer branded sign on their door if they’re scared of female orgasms?” She was PISSED and shouted some more, trying to argue with me. “Any child could just walk into the sin filled building!”
“Yeah, so could any idiot.” And as if I just shot her, she huffed so loud and stormed off. Like, what the frig lady? Go away, geez.

Not customer related, but the owner of the place is super impressed with me taking charge and getting stuff done that there’s talk of bonuses and raises. And the store is mine to run now, like fully run finally, so I’m hyped. Inventory is fun: my search history is just lube and different Rated R style names of product.

My favourite lesbian couple came back! They’re amazing. I swear they both have hyperactive personalities cause they’re bouncing off walls and such. I’ve gained some regulars it seems.

I’ve found my least favourite demographic of people to deal with at work; groups of older ladies. I’m a social person, I really am, but when a group of women walk in and just move product around, laughing like idiots the whole time. I get it, there’s dildos and penis shaped candies and some overly kinky shit hanging around, but my god. I am still a business, so please just go away. Thanks…

But that’s it for now. I get some good foot traffic now too, so it keeps me busy. This job was a great idea. That’s all I’ve got for today though, so thanks for reading!
— Deryn

An Ideal Day

The other day I had a real bad day and it got me thinking about what I would call “a good day”. Everyone is different right? So what would be my special and ideal day? Now in case you didn’t know, I’m a simple person with simple needs. I really just want a day off where I can eat popcorn and pet Shadow while watching sims videos. But that doesn’t make a full length blog post, so I figured I’d dive a little deeper.

My bed is literally the best. I’d love to wake up well rested under way too many blankets. All snuggled up and warm, with clear abandonment issues but whatever. Waking up is just waking up though, so that would be that.

From there, a quality breakfast of literally anything with potato. Mostly cause I have a problem and need potatoes… And then plop my ass, on my couch. Sims on the TV and Shadow doing that thing where he stretches and takes up the rest of my free space.

No calls from work, no worries in the world. Just me, myself, and Shadow. And maybe a good story or two to share on social media.

After spending too long being a lazy butt, probably move into a bubble bath and let my body heal from overworking myself all the time. While also planning dinner.

The rest of my day would be dinner, then Magic the Gathering with some friends until at least midnight where we all finally are too tired and head home. Only to then dream of the next day in the comfort of my safety blankets once again.

And yeah, that’s my ideal day Thanks for reading! And have yourself an awesome day!
— Deryn

Bring on the Spring!

Okay! Here we go! Bring me some sunshine and maybe even some rainbows! I’m done with the snow and ice everywhere, especially since I walk everywhere. Plus, the beautiful flowers that come in with the rain. Cold weather isn’t the worst, but I prefer wearing my shorts over my jeans. And gardening is a hobby of mine. I think this year is a good year for mental health for me, or at least improving it. Hopefully.

I just went outside for some fresh air and the sun is just beaming! I love it! Flower crowns and sandals are in the future, and hopefully either no more snow, or very little because it melts throughout the day. I want to grow a ton of flowers this year too, not just food.

Next month is the release of Animal Crossing, and you can 100% guarantee I preordered that console. It’s beautiful and just captures the casualness of the game perfectly. If you haven’t played it before, I recommend it!

Photo Credits Owned by Nintendo

I’m excited for this year. It’s gonna be good. I’m going to be more comfortable and more productive without burning out every other day. Plus, I should finish the blankets I was making last year. I probably won’t. But I can dream.

Right now, I have a funny problem. My boyfriend is allergic to Shadow since we’ve been trying to deal with his matted fur. Poor guy can’t breathe properly at home. So I have to try and fix that now too.

But yeah, bring on some good weather! And as always, thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Having a Cat

I always talk about Shadow, so I’m sure you know who he is. My precious baby that I essentially got bullied into babysitting and now own. I love him dearly but frig man, owning a cat… His rear is starting to be a problem with matted fur. And I’m trying to deal with it but he’s just mad and sensitive about it. My hand is torn up from him fighting me. And I’m out of ideas…

I started this while I was mad at him last night, but today I’ve gotten back at it with a calm mind and a cat who hates me significantly less than yesterday.

I read some blogs on helping out a cat this morning and honestly I was just being impatient. So today him and I made some great progress and I gave him a lot of treats. So I think we’re on the right track. Poor bud, he’s just easily irritated and matted, and I feel bad about it. He’s doing his best, so we’re going to work on this together.

Not a new picture of him, but he’s so cute!

I’ll update everyone on some social media when we’re done dealing with the fur, and a new picture of Shadow I promise!

As always, you’re amazing! Thanks for reading!
— Deryn

Hello Sunshine

It’s been a cold and grey winter, and it is still cold don’t get me wrong, but the sun is just shining! AND IT’S GREAT! Even if it’s cold enough outside that I’m hiding away inside, the sun just brings life and warmth.
At least it was until I walked outside, and now it’s snowing. Stellar… That’s what I get, I had to open my mouth. Or I guess I had to move my dang fingers around. Although if this snow clears up somewhat quick then the sun should come back. It was so sunny yesterday too! My drivers are having fun though, so I guess after work I can play in the snow.

Work has been good! I’m stretched thin, but it’s all great! I really think that sunlight made my overall mood just climb because I feel like I can take on the world. Now all I need is Summer to come around and I’ll be perfect!

“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.” — Charles Dickens

I’ve got a good feeling about this year so far. I hope everything works out for all of you! There’s plans for this summer to be like a tourist and take tons of photos of my town for everybody. I’m thinking “A trip around my town” or even “through my mall”. But I haven’t settled on anything yet.

I’m hyped to go hiking all the time! Photo Credits

Thanks for coming around today! You’re an amazing person!
— Deryn


Can you believe January is already over? That whole month felt like it was dragging on for an eternity! But now we’re free, and spring is on its way! This morning it’s super warm (so like 6°) and the spring rain is here, washing away all the sadness and the cold of winter. Today is also Imbolic for my pagan and wiccan friends. I love how they celebrate all the time, well more like once a month, but they celebrate real things going on around them. I know I lit a candle for today, but it’s too cold still to really plant anything outside.

This month is longer due to the leap year! That’s super exciting! Plus, in BC, family day is the 17th. So there’s a stat holiday soon enough. So a nice paycheque right? That’s always a bonus, especially for people like me who are always complaining about being broke.

I’ve got a good feeling about this month, everything from here on is going to be strong. The 10th is my last day at one of my jobs, so I’ll have a lot more time, only actually a couple days off a week but still, to get things done and focus on hobbies and such.

I’ve been putting in more research into self publishing books, now that I have three short stories, I think I can make a novella.

Here’s to February and all the blessings and positivity from here on out!
Thanks for stopping by on this nonscheduled, random post!
— Deryn

Bus Adventures Take… 3? Or was it 5?

Jan 10th
I left at 8am to get to the town over for 9am. Makes sense right? Takes about a half hour on a good day, but today is not a good day. My bus driver legitimately parked the bus, AND GOT OUT to stretch his legs because we were so stuck in traffic. To be fair, the bridge was an actual sheet of ice. I quit before we got far enough, and started heading home.

Jan 24
Yeah I know it’s been a bit but I’ve been lazy and cabbing in for the past couple weeks.
You know what really bugs me? The fact trains in Japan are so efficient that if they’re late, they have to give you a ticket saying they were or your employer won’t believe them, yet my bus doesn’t show and I have to wait for the next one. That just drives me nuts. Plus the people across from me think I can’t hear them trash talking everyone on the bus. So I’m tempted to say something and hopefully they’ll piss off. (I’m just being a brat.)

Jan 29
I love how people talk to me while they can tell I can’t hear them. It’s kind of neat. I’ve got my headphones and am writing, and the guy next to me is trying to be my friend. I don’t mind being social, but I have this feeling that he wants me number. Maybe if I test my French and apologize saying I don’t speak English he’ll leave me alone. Although probably not, because being “foreign” is cool I guess? Oh thank god the bus is here.
Now that I’m on the bus, this woman is sitting next to me, and my god she’s beautiful. I’m freaking out internally. Wow man, I would love to be her friend. Am I weird? I’m too shy to actually say anything, plus we’re both wearing headphones, but like, she looks like she’s a cool person. Like Barbara from Stranger Things pretty.

Taking the bus is such an adventure, and I love how people are in public. Thanks for coming with me on these adventures! Plus, gas and insurance just keep going up, so I might just keep busing long term because frig that noise.
Thanks for stopping by today!
— Deryn