The Internet is Dumb Sometimes

I’m on Pinterest way too much and am always reading those “30 day blog challenge” posts. I saw one on “your views on religion” and though, that can’t be a safe topic to discuss, especially on the internet. After I read a few more of those kinds of posts, I couldn’t help but think about it. I’m not crazy enough to talk about it the fresh into my blogging life, don’t worry.

Every morning I read our local new website and found a disgusting picture.

I live in BC, and this scares me. This shouldn’t be a thing. This is why I don’t drive anymore. I’m frustrated.

In other news, I want to die my hair again. I had purple hair for awhile and I miss kids asking me if I was a fairy or a witch. I want pastel pink this time, but it’s just so hard to maintain.

Did you hear about the Amazon? If not, go read about it now!

I apologize for this but I just really needed to ramble, ya know? The past couple weeks have been up and down emotionally and physically and I needed to vent that energy. No matter where I go on the internet, some bullshit crazy stuff is invading my sanity. I especially feel bad for the US. I’m sorry again I’m feeling better though. Anyways

Thanks for reading I guess?

— Deryn

Seeing the Sights!

I live just outside of a busy downtown area and have been trying to go out and catch the fun more. Here’s some shots!

Pretty Tree
We have a Japanese Garden?
Some beautiful koi fish living in it
More koi
Beautiful wildlife
Koi at a local shop
More beautiful wildlife

I wish I had a real camera so I could get extraordinary pictures, but these are still good. I’m going to go back to that Japanese garden soon. I want to catch more shots of those fish. Anyways…

Thanks for reading? Looking? Both?

— Deryn

Childhood Memories

I was sharing old memories with some friends around a campfire the other night, and with reminiscing as much as I did, I had the chance to really think about what my childhood was like. I was such a little shit honestly.

I have a huge scar on my knee, it goes right across the kneecap itself and looks awesome. I was five when it happened, a few friends and I were playing tag and the farm we were in was doing some renovations. One of the major renovations going on was replacing all of the fence with barbed wire. Needless to say, my clumsy ass fell and tore my knee right open; no blood which was nice. Later in the day, while I had my leg up healing, a bee flew straight into the open wound and stung me. Man, my leg hurts just thinking about it.

Remembering stuff like that can be fun sometimes. It’s not as much fun when your body remembers the pain though. That’s probably the most eventful childhood memory I’ve got honestly besides being a demon child to my poor dad. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Had a Thought

I was browsing Pinterest and found an article on winning the lottery. As much as it was a garbage post, I started thinking about what I would do if I won. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas, but when you have too much time with a bottle of wine in a nice bath, you can get so lost in thought. I made a 5 step process.

Step 1) Fix my Current Place.

My current place was inherited and is in a complete wreck. I’ve been slowly trying to fix it for about a year now. I’d finally get that done so I could sell it and move out. I want a place with a real backyard. There isn’t too much left to do, roof and a couple floors. I can do it all myself, I’m just also really, and I mean really lazy.

Step 2) Set up Future Finances

Most lottery winnings are at least $20 million, and even if I got half I would still have so much money. Now full disclaimer, I’m dumb with money. I’d try and buy useless stuff, but I’d have to put like, a million or so away. Interest right? Make money off the money I won. I have a very minimal amount of debt for someone my age, so I could pay that too. I recently learned that you get taxed on that winnings hard for awhile, so putting that money away can help incase living in Canada bites me in the ass later down the road.

Step 3) Give my Family Some

My family is the best thing to ever happen to me. They’ve never left and have always stood strong beside me. I know my dad would cry if I had some money to just give him. Different people get different opportunities in life, and I’d really be changing his life too. Plus the boyfriend, depending on what winning does to our families, would get some for himself and his family.

Step 4) I Love Spending Money

I’d have to start buying things for my friends. Little things though. Like covering dinner, or buying gas if we go anywhere. Just helping people out ya know. Buying myself stuff is not as much fun as it is for buying friends presents. I know a really good friend of mine wants a new card for the game we play every Saturday, speaking of which

Step 5) I’m a Huge Nerd

I have a list of 5 expensive (more than $10) Magic the Gathering cards I really want for one of my decks that I would buy, or even a new keyboard that makes better clicking noises so I feel cooler cheating in Sims. Plus the expansions for Settlers of Catan, I need those eventually. I’ve got a concert I’m going to in England later this year, so I want to be able to buy a shirt and such.

I keep exciting myself over the idea of winning the lottery and spoiling everyone I care about. Taxes on that money are not as much fun, but hey, payday! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Excited for Autumn!

I know it’s only August and we’re still in prime summer season, at least in the northern hemisphere, but I’m so excited for harvest season! And Halloween! Being able to pull my jeans out of their trunk is probably what I’m most excited for though.

My garden this year has so much good stuff that I am so excited to harvest! I’ve got leeks, more tomatoes than I’ll ever need, potatoes and so much more. I really spoiled myself with my garden. Hopefully this year I can make jams and salsa!

I’m not growing pumpkins though, since I ran out of room. I’m going to have to buy pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns and roasted pumpkin seeds, but I don’t mind. Roasted pumpkin seeds are amazing!

Halloween and Samhain are probably my favourite holidays. I over decorate every year and there is nothing my boyfriend can do about it. Plus I can dress up like a witch and people think it’s normal. And goths, I love the goth aesthetic.

This speaks to my spirit (get it?)

Although, Mabon is a fun little family gathering tradition I want to get started with my tiny family. Baking and cooking with home grown vegetables and fruits, man I am so excited. I also make pretty ok bread so, there’s that too.

I’m so excited for September through to November, and I hope I can bully everyone I know to be excited with me! What are you most excited for? Let me know! Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Tuesday Tip!

I hate plastic. Like, haaaaaate plastic, so I was shopping for shampoo and conditioner the other day and found out I can buy them in bars! It works like soap but you lather your hair, and I find I use way less than I was before too. Although my favourite thing about them would be since they’re not “liquid” you can bring them on a flight. I travel enough now I can’t afford to keep buying the essentials everytime I land somewhere. I bought some from Lush but they’re not my favourite company so I need to find somewhere else to purchase them.

Sorry today’s post isn’t life changing. I’ve normally got posts prewritten so I can add a few details and carry on. Work is getting to me but I’m trying to be on top of this again. Keeping balance between multiple jobs and a personal life might end up being my next post even. If I remember.. Anyways …

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn

Another Vancouver Trip

Over BC Day long weekend, we have another concert to go to. This time around is Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. That’s awesome by itself! Like that’s a killer show! But it’s also pride week in Vancouver. Now, that is a dream Vancouver trip!

Day 1

Driving here was easier for sure! And just being here, spent most of it just wandering around a mall. Why are clothes so expensive!

The Show

Opening was Palaye Royale and holy shit there were awesome! Full of energy and getting the crowd hyped up, they did a great job!

Then came Manson. And holy damn that was an entrance! He came down on this dress looking platform thing, and everyone was so excited! His show was very standard though.

After him, Zombie. Now that opening, he hyped the crowd so much and it was consistent awesome! He came up the crowds, got us singing with him and cheering, and had so much more to his performance.

After the Show

My legs, throat and ears hurt, but it was AWESOME! I loved that show! Man was the skytrain beyond crowded and it was nuts!

Day 2

I’m exhausted, good thing the hotel has full breakfasts. I screamed too much last night and now my voice is shot. I’m really not wanting to do anything, so I think we’ll just head home. We didn’t get caught in anything pride related which was too bad, but we saw rainbows everywhere! I’ve bought a few things this time around, just some shirts. So yeah, probably just going to go home and sleep more. Anyways…

Thanks for reading!

— Deryn