Looking Back a Year


So I wasn’t sure what to write about, which has been happening a lot actually. With that, I looked back at what I was talking about a year ago. Working with just one post, I would have nothing really to talk about besides just recapping what I said then. With that in mind, I grabbed the three posts around exactly one year ago today. I wanted to buy a camera, was in the middle of a depression rut, and missing some old zombie novels I read in High School. Let’s dissect me from a year ago, shall we?

My lovely ghost!

Starting with the camera I still love, a Canon Rebel SL3. I don’t know what it is, but this little camera is just so cute! I love it and want one so bad still. The quality on my pictures overall has improved drastically in the past year, I still really like the idea of having a real camera. I’ve got a friend who has a really nice camera and ends up with some of the most amazing pictures. Knowing myself though, I’d do it for a couple weeks and just quit bringing it around. Woo, ADHD…

My mental health has improved quite a lot considering over the last year. My memory therapist and I aren’t working together anymore. Not for any negative reasons, we’re just out of sessions is all. Apparently I paid her for a whole year just before August was over? And I forgot? And thought it was free because I never got a bill? That was a fun conversation we got to have, but that’s why I hired her. Well, more like why she is the professional. (I made myself laugh having to explain that.) There really isn’t much else we can work on without getting another therapist, and I don’t have the money anymore so I probably won’t do that for awhile.

Those old zombie books, with an updated link to purchase them yourself, were a huge piece of my grade eleven year. I would one hundred percent reread them for a Multimedia Monday post. at least the first two. The third was written differently and I wasn’t its biggest fan. I have a very vivid memory of my English teacher getting mad at me for getting too into the book and almost screaming when a character almost died. Out of all the novels I fell in love with, that set is one I don’t currently own though. There’s another series I have to find that I read in Elementary School that I have memories of. I have no idea what it’s called however and don’t know how I’d even find it. Is that a future blog post? Frick yeah it will be, probably.

What a beautiful sunset

But yeah, that’s an update! This was a lot of fun to go back and look into. However, that’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have an awesome day! Be safe out there!
— Deryn



I finally did it. I finally picked up Dune. We’re going to give this a shot guys, here we go!
I can’t do it. The writing is too much for my brain. I reread the first paragraph four times and I just, I can’t. I’m not going to give up on it though, so my next option would be audio book then I guess. I’ve never actually listened to an audio book before, so this introduction is weird. I dig it though. Okay, here we go!

Dune in Audible

This is much easier to listen to than to read. I’m only about twenty minutes in, but it’s easy to follow and I can see myself getting really into this. The character we’re following has a good amount of intrigue, hopefully he doesn’t lose that over this novel. I got an idea, I have the book, why don’t I try and follow along? Cool okay, so this is a great idea! The narrator reads at a good pace, and being able to see what he’s saying, frick I feel smart right now.

Our main character, at least who I think is anyway, is finally starting to do “main character things” and the story is starting to go. I’m excited, there’s a good amount of tension without feeling like I’m going to burn out before the next chapter. My real gripe right now, his name is Paul. Every other name of anything or anyone has been so, not English, but Paul. This narrator says “room” like “rum” and I’m here for it.

Well, I’m through the first chapter now, and holy frick. That was intense! There’s so much about this universe that you get to see right away, and yet there’s still so much the reader has no idea about! I can one hundred percent see myself getting the whole series. This is definitely going into my “favourite reads”. And I’m only one chapter in! If you haven’t yet, go watch the trailer for the new movie(s) that are coming out soon. There’s a scene where it looks like one character has his hand stuck in a box, and that’s chapter one!

The cover of Dune

I’m so glad I gave this book another chance, and I’m hoping to get a decent way through it today! If work isn’t too busy, I’ll make it through at least a few more chapters. I’m about half way through chapter two and I don’t want to put it down. I’ll probably be posting updates on Twitter for the next little while. Want to read it before the movie comes out?

But that’s all I have for today, mostly because I’m going to continue reading it. Thanks for stopping by, and be safe out there!
— Deryn

The Past Few Days


Wow, I work a lot when I actually try. I’ve been putting the extra hours, hence my post where I was complaining, as I do. And even though I’ve been working my ass off, I still have another week of extreme hours before I’m free. I enjoy what I do though, so I can’t complain too much. I still have my shift today, tomorrow, and Saturday to get through before I’m done for the week. 

My buddy went for a nice walk. He got some pictures for me!

Tuesday was like any other Tuesday. Answering the phones for twelve, long, hours with a hint of paperwork to spice the day up. Cab drivers are such funny humans, and honestly so are customers. I get the best complaints, don’t worry because I have examples. The second one is a little long, sorry in advance.

“It’s be there in just a few minutes,” this is me talking.
“A few? Like five or fifteen?” That’s a fair question.
“Less than five, I have someone nearby,” we’re efficient.
“That’s too long, I’m calling someone else.” 
Interactions like this leave me making ??? an actual expression.

“I’d like to file a complaint,” calls that start with this are just … fun …
“Of course, what is your complaint?” 
“Your driver helped my mother out of your cab,” this caught me off guard. “That breaks the ‘social distancing’ that’s been put in place!” 
“So, let me get this straight,” because I was so confused, “you’re upset, because my cab driver helped an older and probably feeble customer out of their cab instead of letting them risk breaking something like a hip getting out of a high up vehicle?”
“Well yes, he got right up next to my mother!”
“And was doing his job? I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand why you’re upset. I understand social distancing, but older customers are at a real risk of hurting themselves. My driver helped a customer out of his cab. I don’t know what you want me to tell you,” what does one even say to that?
“I’m going to sue you guys for this,” angry customer is angry…

England is so pretty! I miss it so much!

Wednesday was definitely more fun. All of the bosses were in the office, and they’re a lot of fun. In my office, we’re a big family of total dorks. Humor and a hint of bullying (like siblings, I promise), this office is fun to be in. I had piles of paperwork that the front office needed help with too. All in all, I was busy all day. 

Like, Look at it!

Today, or Thursday depending on when you read this, so far has been quiet. My phone hasn’t been ringing much, the bosses are not here yet, and my paperwork is pretty much done. I’m low key watching League of Legends videos while reminiscing about England. It’s not even noon yet though, so we’ll see how the day goes. 

I’ve got to go where ever this is

That’s all I’ve got for today though! Y’all are amazing and I hope you’re being safe! We’ll talk again soon! Check out my Instagram and Twitter until then! 
— Deryn

The Southern Neighbours


Almost every year, my province, and in particular, my city catches fire. We’re known for really bad forest fires all the time. The other morning I woke up to a text saying “look outside”. If you’ve never seen a smoke filled sky, it’s surreal. The sun is red, and the air quality is actually so bad even I am struggling to breathe, but what can you do really?

The view outside my job this morning

Looking it up online, the three states directly below me are on fire. That’s Washington, Oregon and California for those who don’t know, which is insane, and I’m sure that’s not all of it either! To my friends down there, be safe. If you want to see some drone footage, I found some for you. As for closer to home, New Westminster, which is just north of Vancouver, is also on fire. News outlets capturing this footage are brave and you can be sure I’d flee if I lived there.

It’s frightening to see the damage and chaos created by these wildfires, and by the shitty humans who made the one in particular. Skies are literally red from the amount of smoke polluting the air. I can’t imagine waking up to something like this. People are dying out there and that’s scary.

My dad got this shot.

There’s a huge amount of news sites covering what’s going on, I recommend looking into it, and I know not everyone can directly help, but if there’s anything at all, even just educating yourself can really help in the long run. The air quality scale going to ten and we’re at an eleven which shows just how bad everything is.

Be safe out there, and be kind to the people around you. And don’t be outside if you don’t have to if you are near those fires. We’ll talk again soon!
— Deryn

Supporting Friends


I have a few friends who also do the “online” thing that I do. Some stream, others art, and I even know a couple who take the time to edit YouTube videos. I love all of them, and am hoping that stuff like this can help them just that extra little bit to continue kicking ass. I can’t really split them up into any real sections as that just wouldn’t work, so here they are.

First off, my buddy Dominic. He’s an entertaining streamer, and sometimes let’s me kick his ass at Fall Guys. His twitch is the best place to find him. Come November he’ll be almost exclusively playing Destiny 2’s new expansion. All the dog walking posts with Taz, this guy is his owner / dad.

Next lovely human, my dear friend Sophia. A brilliant artist who occasionally streams and making YouTube videos. Her twitter is definitely more alive than I feel right now. As of when this post goes live, her commissions are open too, go check them out! I own a lot of her stuff now and am one hundred percent a HUGE fan of hers.

Looking back, all of these lovely people were first introduced to me during my EB Games years. Kat and I never directly worked with each other (I don’t think anyway), but we bonded in that store for sure. Kat is a writer, witch, artist, and all around just an amazing soul. Her twitter is a good place to catch her latest updates! Through there she has links to her Facebook and Instagram.

A couple years ago I got to see Evanescence in Washington with a friend of mine Ian. An interesting guy who I’ve known since I was a kid, he’s now a published author! I bought a copy of his book, but my ADHD forgot until literally right now. Don’t be like me, go check that out! Now that I’ve remembered, I’m going to grab that book and give it a read.

Look at my friends doing cool stuff! I’m so proud of them all! Go check them all out! And we’ll talk again soon!
— Deryn